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  • Re-model your engagement ring service from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

How To Renew Your Engagement Ring

We're sure you've heard of couples who renew their wedding vows after years of marriage - well why not renew your engagement ring! In our opinion, upgrading or re-modelling your engagement ring is a great way to refresh a ring that you might have bought when you were much younger and now you want something a little more expensive. Or perhaps your tastes have changed, [...]

  • Remodelling Jewellery servic from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Re-modelling your Jewellery for a stunning new look!

This gorgeous Yellow Gold & Diamond crossover ring started out life as our customer's old jewellery. We melted her old gold rings to create a brand new setting. We also used the collet settings from her old Diamond earrings to create some height with the re-set Diamonds.       It's a beautiful statement ring that shows you just some of the beautiful possibilities when [...]

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  • Platinum 0.42ct Diamond Solitaire Ring from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

April’s Birthstone – The One and Only Diamond!

With a sparkle like an internal fire all of its own, diamonds are one of the world’s most sought-after and adored gemstones! It's said that those born in April are lucky enough to call this fascinating gem, a symbol of clarity and strength, their birthstone. The diamond is an incredibly strong gemstone, in fact it's name comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means “invincible” [...]

  • Five Stone Diamond Ring Remodelled by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

A Five Stone Ring Transformed Into Earrings and a Pendant

What can you do with a five stone Diamond ring that you no longer wear?   Our Ninja Workshop Team transforms it into not one, but two new pieces - a pair of diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant!   The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that they've only used three of the five stones. The other two have been set to one side [...]

Platinum Is Better Value Than Gold – 3 Ways To Take Advantage

Use the surging gold price to your advantage! The volatility of world markets due to the Coronoa-Virus has led to a major rise in the price of gold! This often happens when markets and consumers look to gold to get them through financial turbulence triggered by things like the pandemic. This then filters down to the man and woman on the street in the form of [...]

Don’t Give Up On Your Old Jewellery Just Yet…Pt 2

We would love to re-purpose it for you! In our first blog in this series, we showed you how you can semi-set ring mounts to create a completely different looking ring. In this next blog we're going to share with you some more ideas on how you can re-purpose your old jewellery, even if you think it might be a lost cause! Pendant Mounts We mentioned solitaires [...]

Don’t Give Up On Your Old Jewellery Just Yet…Pt 1

Let us re-purpose it for you! They say diamonds are forever, but what can you do when your personal tastes or trends change? Let us show you how you can make your jewellery relevant again in our series of blogs. As you probably know by now, we love jewellery, whatever the age or style, because we don't believe that it ever goes out of fashion! [...]

How To Remember Your Loved Ones With Jewellery

When someone special holds that place in your heart... You know that place; that whenever you think of them your heart smiles, or you just well up with joy - yes, that place! Well, we've come to know that place pretty well, with our customers often asking us to re-model a piece of jewellery for them as a reminder of someone special. When you inherit [...]

5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweller When Buying Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shopping is a deeply personal, and sometimes daunting process. Follow our tips to melt your stress away! 1. What are the stone's 4Cs? You're engagement ring is likely to be the first 'big' stone you will wear, and you'll be wearing it for a lot of years. So, getting the shape, look and sparkle you really want is one of those things to get [...]

Jewellery Re-modelling – Your new way to a special piece of jewellery

Some ideas for giving your jewellery a great new look! We've seen some great transformations from some of our most recent jewellery remodelling commissions. So we thought we'd share some of them with you, just to show you what great possibilities there are for altering a piece of jewellery that you've stopped wearing. With this commission our customer had this collection of broken jewellery that [...]

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