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  • Ace Jewellery Thank You from a customer.

Ace Jewellery’s “Errand of Mercy”!

As a family-run business we believe that business is not just about selling things, it's also about bringing joy to people or helping them in some way! And we recently got a chance to show how much we really do care about our customers and not yet-customers. Ace Jewellery Thank You from a customer. On the way to a wedding, the couple who [...]

Keep the sparkle of your wedding day every day with our tips!

While wedding jewellery is beautiful and usually expensive, often brides don’t wear it again after the big day. Sometimes it's seen as being too fancy for everyday occasions. Others believe they should only be worn on their wedding day. If your wedding day jewellery is gathering dust in your jewellery box, read on for our tips on the many creative and pretty ways you can [...]

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Platinum Is Better Value Than Gold – 3 Ways To Take Advantage

Use the surging gold price to your advantage! The volatility of world markets due to the Coronoa-Virus has led to a major rise in the price of gold! This often happens when markets and consumers look to gold to get them through financial turbulence triggered by things like the pandemic. This then filters down to the man and woman on the street in the form of [...]

When Cleaning Your Engagement Ring Is A Brilliant Idea

  Get your ring photo-shoot ready with our expert tips! Remember the day you first met your engagement ring, and you fell in love with it? Well after a good few months of wear and tear, that stunning sparkle may well have faded. All those seemingly harmless things you can expose your ring to can all play their part. We're taking here about washing with [...]

How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

You’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so we share our top tips to make sure you pick the perfect one! It is one of the most moving parts of the wedding ceremony watching a bride and groom place rings on each other’s fingers to symbolise their love and commitment! As well as being a lasting memento of your big day, your [...]

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Unisex Wedding Rings – The New Black For Couples?

No longer just a simple band of silver or gold, they've taken a swift turn towards more fashionable and flashy! Gone are the days when the only choices for a groom’s ring was a simple metal band of either silver or gold! Don't get us wrong, the plain and elegant band of silver or gold is still the most popular choice amongst couples. The classic simplicity [...]

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Don’t Give Up On Your Old Jewellery Just Yet…Pt 1

Let us re-purpose it for you! They say diamonds are forever, but what can you do when your personal tastes or trends change? Let us show you how you can make your jewellery relevant again in our series of blogs. As you probably know by now, we love jewellery, whatever the age or style, because we don't believe that it ever goes out of fashion! [...]

5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweller When Buying Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shopping is a deeply personal, and sometimes daunting process. Follow our tips to melt your stress away! 1. What are the stone's 4Cs? You're engagement ring is likely to be the first 'big' stone you will wear, and you'll be wearing it for a lot of years. So, getting the shape, look and sparkle you really want is one of those things to get [...]

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