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Is bigger better? Not always!
Sometimes when choosing a diamond our customers say they simply want a “big” diamond; they believe bigger is always better.

But is this always the case?  If you have always dreamed of a big diamond we’d like to introduce you to a different understanding of the term “Total Carat Weight”.

Most people have heard of the final ‘C’; carat.

However, what you might not realise is that carat refers to a diamond’s weight, which by itself may not actually reflect the size of the stone.

So, for a more accurate measure of a diamond’s size, we suggest that you look at carat weight in conjunction with two other characteristics; the distance across the top of the diamond measured in millimetres, and the diamond’s cut grade.

The logic behind this is that you measure the distance across the top of the diamond because this is how we view a stone when set into a ring. Similarly, as we noted in the cut grade section, when a diamond is cut with the proper proportions, the maximum amount of light (or sparkle) is returned out of the top of the diamond. So, when a diamond is well cut, the light reflected out of the top makes it appear larger.

Diamond carat weight may not be the most important of The 4C’s but it’s the aspect of the diamond that will affect price the most. As the carat weight increases the price of the diamond will also rise. There is a simple reason for this; larger diamonds are rarer and therefore much more expensive.

Having said that, if you are working within a budget, you can still find a larger diamond of reasonable quality by selecting one which is graded slightly lower in terms of colour and clarity.

So, there you have it; a short guide to The 4C’s to consider when choosing your perfect diamond. If you do have any further questions or queries however, please do contact us.

Please also take a look at our Engagement & Wedding rings page to see how we help and support you when you’re making this important decision.

Or if you already know exactly what you’re looking for in your next diamond, then your next step is to call into our showroom in Leeds city centre, at 1 Lands Lane. One of our expert Jewellers will happily work within your budget to help you choose your ultimate “wow factor” diamond!

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