We’re celebrating the launch of our new online shop!

To celebrate the launch of our upgraded website, you can have a discount on us! Get a £50 off voucher to use on your first order when you buy from our website.* Use the code "NEWSITE21" at the checkout. There's no better time to treat someone special to a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, even if that special person is you! *T & C's apply. Terms [...]

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Platinum Is Better Value Than Gold – 3 Ways To Take Advantage

Use the surging gold price to your advantage! The volatility of world markets due to the Coronoa-Virus has led to a major rise in the price of gold! This often happens when markets and consumers look to gold to get them through financial turbulence triggered by things like the pandemic. This then filters down to the man and woman on the street in the form of [...]

Post COVID-19 Re-opening

We are really pleased to announce that we will be reopening on Monday 15 June 2020! The Health and safety of our customers and staff remains our main priority, and In line with government guidelines around the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be making a number of changes to the way you shop with us: We have installed an intercom system at our shop entrance, so [...]

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Celebrating Ace Jewellery’s 40th Anniversary

We have been serving the jewellery lovers of Leeds for over 40 years! Yes, we can't believe it either, but it's true! For over 40 years we've been providing a full range of jewellery services from our top floor location in the heart of Leeds city centre. It's been the kind of journey that's seen us expand our range of services, lose staff, gain staff, [...]

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Rose Gold Jewellery – A trend by any other name

At Ace Jewellery we really love the current trend in rose gold; we’re seeing it pop up all over the place! This past season we've noticed more and more requests for engagement rings in rose gold. Rose gold is a softer version of yellow gold, in that instead of having undertones of yellow; the colour has warm, pink undertones to it. Now the colour is moving from [...]

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Independent Jewellers – the jewel in the crown of the high street

Make the most of the unique independent retailer sector. As another Independent Retailer Month passes, it would be easy to look back on the campaign with fond memories, and look to the future with a “business as usual approach.” But one of the things this July has taught us is that supporting your local independent businesses all year round has never been so important. So [...]

Jewellery Valuations – worth their weight in gold

Ace Jewellery advice on the risks of under insurance. Recently there’s been yet another piece in the press highlighting the fact that so many households have jewellery that is under insured. We don't think these stories shouldn’t be viewed as a reason not to own jewellery. Instead, they serve as a reminder that looking after your jewellery involves more than just maintaining and cleaning it. So [...]

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Sometimes it’s good for your gold to turn green!

How using your old gold helps the environment. This year’s recycling week takes places between 18-24 June, so we thought it would be an opportune time to get into the spirit of things and remind you about another form of recycling that you can take part in – recycling your gold. So how does your gold jewellery contribute to the eco-friendly effort? Firstly, although precious [...]

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Palladium Engagement Rings – The affordable yet stunning luxury

Ace Jewellery reports on this lesser-known precious metal. If you’re currently shopping for your engagement ring – congratulations! With so many beautiful ring creations out there, you must be overwhelmed by all the choice. Then there’s which gemstone to choose, then the design and then you’ve got to think about the precious metal. In our experience it is the choice of precious metal that we’re finding impacts most [...]

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Diamonds are forever?

Who can forget receiving their very first diamond! Whether it's been handed down to you, your engagement or wedding ring, or a gift to mark a special occasion, diamonds have a unique emotional attachment. Diamonds have always been a preferred gemstone in retail jewellery and with the recent price rise trend, this favoured gemstone has become increasingly expensive. On the surface of it, this would seem like bad news if you [...]

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