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Our experience as a Jeweller includes:

Jewellery Repairs | Jewellery Redesign and Remodelling | Engagement Rings

You can view some of the case studies of the jewellery repairs, alterations, re-models and bespoke commissions that we’ve worked on for our customers in the gallery below.

You can then contact one of the team to discuss your ideas or any problems you may be having with your jewellery. Or call into our showroom in Leeds city centre, at 1 Lands Lane.

  • Remodelling Jewellery servic from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Re-modelling your Jewellery for a stunning new look!

This gorgeous Yellow Gold & Diamond crossover ring started out life as our customer's old jewellery. We melted her old gold rings to create a brand new setting. We also used the collet settings from her old Diamond earrings to create some height with the re-set Diamonds.       It's a beautiful statement ring that shows you just some of the beautiful possibilities when re-modelling jewellery! Contact us if [...]

  • Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring repaired by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Restoring a Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

This Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold ring needed a little TLC to restore it to it's beautiful self!       The claws (prongs) were very worn, running the risk of losing a stone. We call this re-tipping. Your rings and therefore your claws take a good amount of abuse, unintentionally of course! It surprises us that they hold up as well as they do given the wear they receive. [...]

  • Five Stone Diamond Ring Remodelled by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

A Five Stone Ring Transformed Into Earrings and a Pendant

What can you do with a five stone Diamond ring that you no longer wear?   Our Ninja Workshop Team transforms it into not one, but two new pieces - a pair of diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant!   The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that they've only used three of the five stones. The other two have been set to one side by our customer for a [...]

  • Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring repaired by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Jewellery Repairs – Worn Claws and Missing Diamond

How worn claws are the enemy of your favourite piece! Our customers often visit our shop with jewellery repairs - it is after all what we're famous for! One of our most common repairs is replacing stones that have fallen out of their settings. Ring claws are tiny pieces of metal that hold your ring's diamonds or gemstones in place. Over time they can wear down and no longer work [...]

Jewellery Re-Modelling – A Ring’s New Lease of Life

A stunning ring made even more stunning! Our customer bought in her stunning sapphire & diamond cluster ring that she no longer wore. She had always wanted to wear it with another ring made from a ring of diamonds.   We were happy to help! We crafted this 'Wedfit' style ring for her. 'Wedfit' rings are rings with raised settings, so that they fit perfectly flush next to another ring without any [...]

Jewellery Re-Modelling – Reinvented Ring

Re-modelling a ring into something more wearable Our customer wanted to change up her engagement ring for something more modern and wearable 1) Her original single stone ring set in a yellow gold mount 2) We removed her diamond which she wanted to keep and reuse 3) We suggested a new halo design mount in 18 ct white gold 4) The finished product! A stunning new 18 ct white gold [...]

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