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Our January Sale is now on!

Not like any other sale, you choose your discount depending on how lucky you are! Once you've picked out what you'd like to buy*, pick a scratch card to reveal a guaranteed code for either 10, 15 or 20% off, and your discount is applied there and then. *Discount applies for items purchased in our shop, and is not available on repairs, special orders or [...]

2024-02-28T10:37:06+00:008 January 2024|Jewellery, News|Comments Off on Our January Sale is now on!
  • Hand Made Yellow Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant from Ace jewellery, Leeds

Did you know we make some of our own jewellery?

Yes, you can have your very own initials in a bracelet and set in 9ct Yellow Gold. You can even add your birthstone too - this one has a fiery, green peridot for that illuminating pop of colour!   We can also make these heart-shaped pendants in our on-site workshop using your old gold. They're a beautiful way to keep sentimental jewellery close to your [...]

2024-01-11T12:00:08+00:0020 December 2023|Jewellery Services, News, Services|0 Comments
  • Remodelling Jewellery servic from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Re-modelling your Jewellery for a stunning new look!

This gorgeous Yellow Gold & Diamond crossover ring started out life as our customer's old jewellery. We melted her old gold rings to create a brand new setting. We also used the collet settings from her old Diamond earrings to create some height with the re-set Diamonds.       It's a beautiful statement ring that shows you just some of the beautiful possibilities when [...]

2024-02-13T12:39:33+00:0014 September 2023|Case Studies, Jewellery Alterations, Jewellery Remodelling, Jewellery Services|Comments Off on Re-modelling your Jewellery for a stunning new look!
  • Ace Jewellery Thank You from a customer.

Ace Jewellery’s “Errand of Mercy”!

As a family-run business we believe that business is not just about selling things, it's also about bringing joy to people or helping them in some way! And we recently got a chance to show how much we really do care about our customers and not yet-customers. Ace Jewellery Thank You from a customer. On the way to a wedding, the couple who [...]

  • Platinum 0.42ct Diamond Solitaire Ring from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

April’s Birthstone – The One and Only Diamond!

With a sparkle like an internal fire all of its own, diamonds are one of the world’s most sought-after and adored gemstones! It's said that those born in April are lucky enough to call this fascinating gem, a symbol of clarity and strength, their birthstone. The diamond is an incredibly strong gemstone, in fact it's name comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means “invincible” [...]

  • Sale Discount Scratch Cards from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

It’s January Sale Discount Scratch Card Time @Ace Jewellery!

Happy New Year! It's that time of year again where we reward our customers with a sale discount* - with a twist! Instead of a blanket sale discount, we're giving you an exciting opportunity to pick your discount! For every purchase you make in store throughout January, we'll give you a scratch card. Scratch it off to see what your guaranteed discount is, 10%, 15% [...]

2023-06-06T08:03:59+00:003 January 2023|News|0 Comments
  • Emerald & Diamond Yellow Gold Cluster Ring re-modelled by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Ringing In The Changes With Emeralds

Our customer approached us to help her rethink her existing Yellow Gold Emerald cluster ring. The octagonal shape of the central stone in her impressive ring highlights the beautiful green colours of emerald to perfection. But, if you no longer want to wear something it will stay in a drawer and not get the chance to shine beautifully! So we worked with her to create [...]

2023-06-06T08:04:00+00:008 June 2022|News|0 Comments
  • Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring repaired by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Restoring a Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

This Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold ring needed a little TLC to restore it to it's beautiful self!       The claws (prongs) were very worn, running the risk of losing a stone. We call this re-tipping. Your rings and therefore your claws take a good amount of abuse, unintentionally of course! It surprises us that they hold up as well as they do [...]

  • Five Stone Diamond Ring Remodelled by Ace Jewellery, Leeds

A Five Stone Ring Transformed Into Earrings and a Pendant

What can you do with a five stone Diamond ring that you no longer wear?   Our Ninja Workshop Team transforms it into not one, but two new pieces - a pair of diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant!   The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that they've only used three of the five stones. The other two have been set to one side [...]

We’re celebrating the launch of our new online shop!

To celebrate the launch of our upgraded website, you can have a discount on us! Get a £50 off voucher to use on your first order when you buy from our website.* Use the code "NEWSITE21" at the checkout. There's no better time to treat someone special to a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, even if that special person is you! *T & C's apply. Terms [...]

2024-02-29T10:11:37+00:006 December 2021|News|Comments Off on We’re celebrating the launch of our new online shop!

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