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The Best Way To Save Money On A Diamond

Choosing your engagement ring is often one of the most difficult decision you'll ever make! There are so many to choose from, and at so many prices, you would be forgiven for feeling confused! We've been helping happy couples choose their engagement rings for over 40 years, and so we're delighted to share some of our expert tips with you to help take some of [...]

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How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

You’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so we share our top tips to make sure you pick the perfect one! It is one of the most moving parts of the wedding ceremony watching a bride and groom place rings on each other’s fingers to symbolise their love and commitment! As well as being a lasting memento of your big day, your [...]

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Four Signs Your Engagement Ring Needs Resizing

Relax in the knowledge that we're experts at this! In our experience, many engagement rings need resizing after the proposal. That's even when your fiancé has gone to great lengths to try to find out your ring finger size! "So why wouldn't it fit" is probably what you're thinking, but believe it or not, there are a number of things that can make your finger [...]

Unisex Wedding Rings – The New Black For Couples?

No longer just a simple band of silver or gold, they've taken a swift turn towards more fashionable and flashy! Gone are the days when the only choices for a groom’s ring was a simple metal band of either silver or gold! Don't get us wrong, the plain and elegant band of silver or gold is still the most popular choice amongst couples. The classic simplicity [...]

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Celebrating Ace Jewellery’s 40th Anniversary

We have been serving the jewellery lovers of Leeds for over 40 years! Yes, we can't believe it either, but it's true! For over 40 years we've been providing a full range of jewellery services from our top floor location in the heart of Leeds city centre. It's been the kind of journey that's seen us expand our range of services, lose staff, gain staff, [...]

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Don’t Give Up On Your Old Jewellery Just Yet…Pt 2

We would love to re-purpose it for you! In our first blog in this series, we showed you how you can semi-set ring mounts to create a completely different looking ring. In this next blog we're going to share with you some more ideas on how you can re-purpose your old jewellery, even if you think it might be a lost cause! Pendant Mounts We mentioned solitaires [...]

Don’t Give Up On Your Old Jewellery Just Yet…Pt 1

Let us re-purpose it for you! They say diamonds are forever, but what can you do when your personal tastes or trends change? Let us show you how you can make your jewellery relevant again in our series of blogs. As you probably know by now, we love jewellery, whatever the age or style, because we don't believe that it ever goes out of fashion! [...]

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring for Her Finger

You won't get this most crucial of jobs wrong with our expert tips! Whether you’re preparing to propose to "the one", or newly engaged and looking for the perfect piece to seal your commitment, choosing the right engagement ring can be a time consuming, nerve-wracking and expensive decision. So we want to share the benefits of our years of expertise with you to hopefully make [...]

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How To Propose With The Right Engagement Ring

Thinking of proposing to the love of your life? We've rounded up our best tips to help with your decision! For many couples looking for the perfect piece to seal your commitment, choosing the style of engagement ring is the most stressful part of what should otherwise be an exciting occasion. So, we want to to share our many years of experience with you to [...]

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Stunning Ways To Create ‘Something Borrowed’ with Jewellery

'Something borrowed' is one of our favourite parts of the British wedding tradition. We love the idea of couples being able to give their  nearest and dearest a special place at their big day, whether or not they are physically there. Saying it with jewellery is even more exciting! So, in this blog post we’ve got some great ideas on how you can do just that [...]

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