You’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so we share our top tips to make sure you pick the perfect one!

It is one of the most moving parts of the wedding ceremony watching a bride and groom place rings on each other’s fingers to symbolise their love and commitment!

As well as being a lasting memento of your big day, your wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage that you’ll see forever, so you need to get your choice spot on!

Take Your Time

Two lasting keepsakes that you take away from your wedding day that last forever are your photos and your rings. So we want you to be happy with the choice of ring you make, after all you’ll be looking at your wedding ring every day for the rest of your life! These days if you design your ring yourself you can have any style you like, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Work With Your Engagement Ring

You’ve probably been wearing your engagement ring for some time, and because you love it, it’s important to make sure your wedding ring will sit flush alongside it. Our advice is that you should match your engagement ring to a wedding ring that complements it, rather than overpowering it.

We also think it’s worth remembering to match the metal of your engagement ring if possible. This will prevent the typical wear and tear as the rings rub up against each other.

Work Within Your Budget

With so many sparkling rings to choose from it’s easy to get carried away, but the one thing you don’t want to have “buyer’s remourse” about is your engagement ring, and we don’t want you to have it either. So we recommend that before you go shopping decide on your “Must haves” and your “would be nice, but not essentials” and work out a budget that can accomodate your choices.

With the right education, you can often get an engagement ring beyond your budget! We share our tips for making the most of your Engagement ring budget in this blog. You also might want to consider choosing an inexpensive metal for your ring, such as palladium. Palladium rings can boast several definite advantages over platinum and white gold. Read more about it in our blog Palladium Engagement Rings – The affordable yet stunning luxury.

So are you ready to choose your wedding rings? Take a look at our range of wedding rings for inspiration. Remember, f you don’t see anything you like, you can call in to our showroom at 1 Lands Lane, in the heart of Leeds city centre. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here, to have a chat about how we can help you with your wedding ring choice.