Thinking of proposing to the love of your life? We’ve rounded up our best tips to help with your decision!

For many couples looking for the perfect piece to seal your commitment, choosing the style of engagement ring is the most stressful part of what should otherwise be an exciting occasion. So, we want to to share our many years of experience with you to try to make this easier. Here are our Top 3 Tips:

What if I don’t know her style?

The most popular type of engagement ring style is still the solitaire with a round brilliant cut diamond – but trends for more unusual fancy cut diamonds and designs are also growing in popularity. Your partner’s jewellery box should provide some initial inspiration; look for clues to her preference of basic details such as gold or silver metals, and vintage or contemporary designs.

It never pays to overdo it!

It’s estimated that on average finding the perfect engagement ring takes three months. This can seem like forever when you’re excited about proposing, but it makes sense really. These days you might start off looking for inspiration online, then you talk to everyone, then you go look at rings in the shops, then possibly go back online, go to other stores, it can just go on, and on.

We always advise to have a good look around, and certainly online, especially to get an idea of the best style for you. However, nothing beats trying a ring on and seeing how it feels to wear it – is it the right weight for your finger and does it fit snugly?  What does it look like on your finger; what do you think of it’s sparkle and how it catches the light. All things that you can only really know from trying a ring on in person. Here’s another blog we wrote on the subject Engagement Rings – Buy online or in store

It’s your baby now!

From the moment you say “Yes!” chances are you’ll be rocking a shiny new addition on your left hand! While it may be the last thing on your mind during such a happy time, with great rings come great responsibilities—including making sure your engagement ring’s protected.

What happens if you lose your ring? If someone steals it, or it gets damaged? You don’t want to lose that beloved rock it may have taken you so long to find! With many insurance policies now you can up your home insurance cover, rather than buying a separate policy. So we always suggest contacting your existing insurer first. They will most likely ask you for a valuation, which we can provide at a very competitiive price.

Finally, don’t imagine that getting professional help needs to be expensive or mean you have to spend tens of thousands on the ring!

With your personal one-to-one ring consultation, we can set a scheduled time aside to deal with you exclusively, which can take the pressure off. Not only that, you could also save hours of time and angst, and ensure your budget (whatever it is) goes as far as possible. This means you get more for your money – result! Get in touch on our Contact Us page to arrange yours.

With the right help, choosing the perfect ring does not need to be stressful. We would rather it was fun, so we hope our tips have helped make it so.