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In our experience, many engagement rings need resizing after the proposal. That’s even when your fiancé has gone to great lengths to try to find out your ring finger size! “So why wouldn’t it fit” is probably what you’re thinking, but believe it or not, there are a number of things that can make your finger size fluctuate.

Exercise, the weather, and illness can all contribute to how snug or loosely your engagement ring fits on a given day. So that ring your fiance picked to measure your new engagement ring against could be the perfect fit one day, but loose the next. Losing weight between your engagement and wedding day is also a common reason rings stop fitting like they used to.

Having said all that, you can get close to getting a fit that’s comfortable the majority of the time, and that’s where ring re-sizing comes in. These are the four main reasons we see why engagement rings need re-sizing.


1. It Spins

When there’s too much gap between your ring and finger, it makes a ring loose, wobble around, and spin. However, that’s not the full story. Often it’s more about the design of the ring and how it’s weighted that causes your engagement ring to spin rather than it’s size.


We suggest you try another ring next to it to see if that reduces the spinning, before going down the road of resizing it. After all, once you’re married you will eventually be wearing your wedding ring next it anyway.


2. It stops at your knuckle

A sure sign that your engagement ring is too small is that you can’t get it off over your knuckle, or that you struggle to get it past your knuckle in the first place.


We suggest firstly, relaxing your hand and fingers, then wetting or licking your finger, which we find usually makes your ring slip off much more easily. However, if you don’t want the inconvenience of continually having to do that, we can easily re-size it for you. We would spend some time with you working out the right balamce between easily getting your ring over your knuckles, without you having to wear it oversized.


3. It squeezes your finger

If your ring is too small, it’s will squeeze your finger in a way that when you look at it, finger flesh pokes out on either side of the ring, like a muffin top. This will eventually become even more uncomfortable when your hands get very warm, or you go on holiday for example.


This is a problem definitely needs rectifying with a re-size of your ring.


4. It slides off your finger

A good way to test if your ring is too big is to wash your hands in cold and soap, if your ring slips easily off your finger then you need to get it sized down. We use this test because we wash our hands several times a day. Having your engagement ring slip off while you’re at home, but what if it happens while you’re  in a public place and your don’t notice! It’s an expensive disaster waiting to happen.


Using our ring sizer, we’ll get the best fit for your engagement ring, keeping it safe an sound where it belongs.


Bonus Tip

Do you have a ring with diamonds set in the shoulders? Many Jewellers don’t have the equipment or expertise to resize them. Here at Ace Jewellery, we have a unique way of fitting a bar inside your ring so that it still fits comfortably on your finger, and this much-sought-after service is provided exclusively to our customers.

Jewellery Valuations

One last thing we like to reminder our customers about is insuring your ring. If the worst did happen and you did lose it; have you made sure that your new engagement ring is covered by your current insurance? If it is, well done you! One thing that will make your life much easier if the worst did happen is if you have had your ring valued for insurance purposes. It’s another service we offer our clients at a very competitive price. So if you haven’t considered it, read more about the benefits here.