While wedding jewellery is beautiful and usually expensive, often brides don’t wear it again after the big day.

Sometimes it’s seen as being too fancy for everyday occasions. Others believe they should only be worn on their wedding day. If your wedding day jewellery is gathering dust in your jewellery box, read on for our tips on the many creative and pretty ways you can reuse and show off your bridal jewellery.

  1. Cocktail rings

If you’re a bride that loves some extra sparkle on their hands on their wedding day, then a cocktail ring will really set you apart and is a guaranteed attention-grabber! After your big day however, a huge diamond cocktail ring can seem hard to wear in the office. The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories very understated. If you do that, a statement ring will never be ‘too much’.

2. Timeless Gemstones

If you chose a timeless diamond tennis bracelet or a solitaire pendant for your wedding, you’re probably re-wearing them already. Don’t forget that diamonds aren’t just for special occasions any more!

Have you heard of the term “Denim & Diamonds”? It describes casual and formal wear worn together in an ostentatious way, similar to a costume that celebrates the best of both clothing worlds. Team jeans and gemstone jewellery, sequins and upscale pieces together to give you a comfortable and creative option for dressing up. It’s a gorgeous way to ramp up your  typical formal wear look that can become boring.

Always remember as you’re getting ready putting on your wedding day jewellery, there’s few things that beat the feelings of all those happy wedding day memories that come flooding back!

3. Pearl Jewellery

If you’re spending a fun, casual summer evening out with friends, you may think you should just leave your pearls at home. But pearls can add a pop of pretty to any outfit, from cute summer dresses to comfy capris. With casual outfits, you have the freedom to experiment with any type of necklace or bracelet that complements your look. Try a fun pearl charm bracelet, to add some jingle-jangle to your jeans. Or go with a funky, chunky, multicolored pearl necklace to complete your trendy look.

We love helping our customers wear their jewellery all year round, and we hope this blog post has sparked your imagination! So,wearing your wedding jewellery is a gorgeous way to be flooded with memories of your big day, and it makes your “cost-per-wear” excellent value for money too! You also don’t have to just wear your jewellery by itself. You can change up your look by wearing a piece alongside another complimentary item.

For example, wear your heavy necklace on its own or with another necklace that goes well with it. Layer your longer necklace with your choker and make it even more lavish. Mix and match your bangles and wear as many as you are comfortable with it for a chunkier look.

Bonus Tip

If your wedding day jewellery could do with a more modern look, look into our jewellery re-modelling service. It’s the perfect way to for example, repurpose your gemstones in some of your pieces to create a new piece that’s still full of your wedding day memories.

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