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How To Remember Your Loved Ones With Jewellery

When someone special holds that place in your heart... You know that place; that whenever you think of them your heart smiles, or you just well up with joy - yes, that place! Well, we've come to know that place pretty well, with our customers often asking us to re-model a piece of jewellery for them as a reminder of someone special. When you inherit [...]

White Gold v Silver v Platinum – 3 Metals, 1 Love

Have you decided which metal your engagement & wedding rings will be made from, and do you know what the differences are between them? Here’s our quick help guide Did you know that white gold doesn't exist naturally? That makes sense because it's hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference between white gold and silver, as they both look silver. White gold is [...]

5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweller When Buying Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shopping is a deeply personal, and sometimes daunting process. Follow our tips to melt your stress away! 1. What are the stone's 4Cs? You're engagement ring is likely to be the first 'big' stone you will wear, and you'll be wearing it for a lot of years. So, getting the shape, look and sparkle you really want is one of those things to get [...]

5 New Years’ Resolutions For Your Engagement Ring

Were you lucky enough to be engaged over Christmas? Congratulations! Here are some Do's and Don't's for your engagement ring! You've just got engaged! And you’re not alone. Did you know that close to 30% of couples get engaged between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays? So, how might your new piece of beautiful jewellery be different to any jewellery you've owned before? Well, it's [...]

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