Were you lucky enough to be engaged over Christmas? Congratulations!

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for your engagement ring!

You’ve just got engaged! And you’re not alone. Did you know that close to 30% of couples get engaged between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays?

So, how might your new piece of beautiful jewellery be different to any jewellery you’ve owned before? Well, it’s going to be the one piece you wear that everyone will notice more than any other. So we’re sure you want to keep it looking amazing all the time throughout your engagement, which depending on your plans, could be some time.

So, here are five new year’s resolutions you’ll want to keep for keeping the sparkle of your ring.

#1 I will get my ring re-sized so it fits perfectly

As you go through your engagement and your happily married life, you’re likely to be wearing your ring every day. So, it shouldn’t swivel, twist, slide up or down your finger, or leave a red mark when you remove it.

With our ring re-sizing service we can quickly and easily make your rings bigger or smaller, and we can re-size all types of rings, including ones with diamonds in the shoulders.

#2 I will not worry constantly about damaging my new ring

When you’re wearing your beautiful ring that you know your fiancé spent plenty of money on, you might feel a little too worried about damaging it. That’s understandable, but unnecessary worry can take the shine off what should be a really sparkling time for you.

As it’s likely to be different to any ring you’ve ever worn before, settling into wearing it could take some time, but you will get used to it! As long as you remember to take it off when you need to (see Resolution #5) and are mindful of anything that could potentially cause it damage, you – and your ring! – will be absolutely fine.

#3 I will look after it properly

Although most gemstones are some of the hardest known substances on earth, they can still be scratched or chipped by a hard knock, so you should give them special care when it comes to cleaning and storing them to maintain their brilliance and sparkle.

To help you preserve the life and beauty of your gemstone read our jewellery care tips.

#4 I will make sure it’s properly insured

As we said in #1 if your ring is too big, you’re at risk of it falling off without you noticing, and that would be awful! The only thing worse than that though is finding out that your home insurance only covers high-risk items (which expensive jewellery is classed as) up to a certain amount.

If this amount isn’t enough to cover the cost of your ring, or you don’t have “outside the home” cover, your Insurers may not pay up!

Our jewellery valuation service page show you how to make sure you’re properly covered, and if not what to do about it.

#5 Accept there are time you really do need to take it off

When you first received your engagement ring, in all the excitement you might have promised to “never take it off!” Yet, we’re sure nobody will mind if you do, especially not your fiancé if you protect it from damage or wear.

As we said in #3, looking after you ring also means protecting it from knocks as well as things such as harsh chemicals. Doing a boxercise class at the gym, DIY, rowing, they’re all incidences where our customers have reported damaging their rings.

Of course if it does sustain some damage, we’re here to repair it for you, but we’d rather it stayed looking beautiful for as long as possible after your engagement, and we’re sure you would too.

So, congratulations again! Enjoy seeing in the New Year with something shiny and new and beautiful to look at!

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