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Our experience as a Jeweller includes:

Jewellery Repairs | Jewellery Redesign and Remodelling | Engagement Rings

You can view some of the case studies of the jewellery repairs, alterations, re-models and bespoke commissions that we’ve worked on for our customers in the gallery below.

You can then contact one of the team to discuss your ideas or any problems you may be having with your jewellery. Or call into our showroom in Leeds city centre, at 1 Lands Lane.

Jewellery Re-modelling – Pendants Become Earrings

Our latest jewellery re-model again shows just how versatile jewellery can be. Our customer owned a pair of beautiful pendants that she no longer wore. We supplied some fittings, and made them into a pair of gorgeous earrings ~ perfect with a little black dress! You might notice that the stones are slightly mismatched, but it's the sentimental value of them that really matters to her. This is one of the [...]

Jewellery Repairs – Ring Re-tipping

We don't let worn claws stand in the way of a beautiful ring! Nor do we believe you should either! One of the most common repairs we do to rings is the re-tipping of the claws which hold the stones in. As the ends of the claws wear away, your stone(s) are at risk of falling out. Below is an image of one of our customer's rings, with very worn [...]

Jewellery Repairs – Revamped Ring

Giving our customers jewellery our 'Care & Repair' One of our customer's precious rings, which was in need of a lot of TLC.   As you can see in the above pictures, her diamond is missing, the outer claws are worn and the ring shank has become very thin.   We supplied a new ring setting, shank and shoulders. Side by side you can see how much thicker the new ring [...]

Jewellery Repairs – Tarnished Ring

Experience our dazzling clean & repair service! Our customer bought in her tarnished ring, with worn claws and a missing diamond. Our Workshop Ninjas have breathed new life into it with a polish, repaired the claws and supplied a new diamond. Now you can see the real beauty of this show-stopping, classy ring! Have you stopped wearing a piece of jewellery you used to love because it's dirty or damaged. Don't [...]

Jewellery Re-modelling – Two Rings Become One

How old rings were re-modelled into a dazzling new creation! Our customer had two rings that she wanted us to remodel into something new. These are her old three stone and five stone rings. We removed the stones, and re-set them into a multi-style ring shank to create a dazzling abstract style multi-stone ring. This case study shows exactly the kind of jewellery re-modelling we can help you achieve with your old [...]

Jewellery Repairs – Damaged Ring Shank

Proof you can't keep a stunning ring down! Our customer bought in her ring that had been run over by a car. Ring Before Our Workshop Team can carry out all manner of repairs to your jewellery. With their years of experience, what can seem like a lost case, will often be a straight forward speedy repair. Ring After If you have a piece of jewellery that you've given up [...]

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