Jewellery pieces are just so versatile!

In this case study we show you how we helped our customer use her old rings to make pendants for her three daughters.

These are our customer’s original rings

We first separate the stones from the ring settings. Then we used gold tubing to individually collet set each stone.


We then soldered five of these individual settings together and added a pendant top to make a complete piece.

And now for the result: Our customer’s remounted diamonds in their new pendant settings! As our customer requested, each one is identical, so there’ll be no fighting over them!

As this case study shows, remounting your old diamonds can breathe new life into what is after all, a piece of the earth that will most likely outlast you!

If you have some stones in an old piece of jewellery, have you considered re-modelling them? Contact us and we’ll help you explore your ideas and see what the possibilities are.

Or you can call in to see us at our jewellery shop and in-house workshop in Leeds city centre, at 1 Lands Lane.