Who can forget receiving their very first diamond!

Whether it’s been handed down to you, your engagement or wedding ring, or a gift to mark a special occasion, diamonds have a unique emotional attachment. Diamonds have always been a preferred gemstone in retail jewellery and with the recent price rise trend, this favoured gemstone has become increasingly expensive.

On the surface of it, this would seem like bad news if you are looking to buy a new diamond, but this trend also brings an opportunity in disguise.

So what is driving this trend?

Just as with gold prices, the price of diamonds has been steadily rising for a number of years. With the short supply of mines and rising demand in emerging economies like India and China, industry experts believe this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, with the uncertainty in the global stock markets, investors are now seeing them as a new safe haven, just as with gold.

So what does that mean to me, you might ask?

If you have bought any diamondse recently we highlighted here how with the rise in gold and diamond prices, your jewellery could be underinsured.

If you have a diamond to sell however, the rise in diamond prices could be a lucrative money-spinner. With the economic downturn, people will often look for alternative inexpensive ways to buy what they really want. This provides you with a great opportunity to trade in or sell your unwanted diamonds.

Perhaps you have some loose diamonds that fell out of a piece of jewellery, or some stones you always intended to have included in a piece of custom-made jewellery that you never got around to having made. If you do, these loose stones are a fast, easy way to generate some extra cash for yourself.

We pay very competitive prices for diamonds, with or without certificates, which are a minimum size of 0.50 carat, up to 2.00 carat. We are particularly interested in round brilliant and princess cuts. We can also work out the weight of your diamonds, even if they are set in jewellery. Not only that, we are also happy to quote you a price for buying your Gold & Silver they may be set in.

Could you do with releasing some cash from your unwanted diamonds? Your next step is to call into our showroom at in Leeds city centre at 1 Lands Lane, Leeds, or contact us for more information.