Giving great service keeps you at the forefront on customers’ minds.

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you try to get help and the customer service staff seem to go out of their way to be as unhelpful as possible? We had a recent experience which left us asking that very question.

When our website was recently out of action, one of the original systems providers in the chain made the whole experience of finding a remedy frustrating and difficult.  Their reluctance to assist us was most likely because we had by now switched to a different provider. What they failed to realise, as do many retailers, is that an ex-customer now is just that, an ex-customer NOW.

People stop using a retailer for all sorts of reasons, perhaps its price or maybe because they’ve moved away. That doesn’t however mean they won’t be a customer again in the future, but only if they are left with a good impression of you. In these times of austerity, great service can be the one thing that makes one retailer stand out from another, and should never be compromised just because trading conditions are tough.

That experience reminds us of why we always pride ourselves on providing great service, not just when we are making the sale, but as part of the after sales period too. For example, unlike some Jewellers, we are more than happy to repair jewellery whether or not it was purchased from us originally. Furthermore, our on-site workshop team provides a very extensive range of jewellery repairs and alterations, some of which other Jewellers don’t provide, such as our unique ring re-sizing service, for example.

At Ace Jewellery our philosophy on this is simple; we care about jewellery and we want to help you care for yours too. When you need help with a repair or alteration in future, who are you most likely to bring it to; the Jeweller that made you feel like they cared or the one that didn’t? When you experience our great level of service and care why wouldn’t you want to shop with us again and again?

For a preview of the standard of service you can expect from us, watch our video here, and read our testimonials. Then call into our showroom in Leeds city centre at 1 Lands Lane, and tell us how we can help you with your jewellery needs, or get in touch with us here.

We’re also on Facebook where you can find out about new items just in, sales and we also run competitions exclusively for our fans. It’s the perfect opportunity to combine great service with excellent value for money; two things that never go out of style!