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The average woman has at least two rings that she will need resizing in her lifetime. No-one wants their rings that they once loved wearing lying forgotten and unloved in their jewellery box.

At Ace Jewellery resizing a ring is usually quite an easy adjustment, so there’s no reason for them to stay hidden!

Ring resizing is a busy part of our Jewellery Repair Service, and one of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us. So we spoke to some of our customers about why they visited us to have their rings resized:

Ace Jewellery Ring Re-sizing serviceNatalie told us:

“I went to Dubai on holiday and found an amazing ring in a sale. It fitted perfectly on holiday, but it wasn’t until I came back to the cool climate of Bradford that I realised that my finger had swelled very subtly, but enough to make my ring feel loose.

Just by chance I saw one of your tweets offering help with your jewellery, and now my fabulous ring is a perfect fit.”

Another popular reason customers need a ring resizing is a surprise Engagement Ring.

Darren told us:

“I wanted my future wife’s Engagement Ring to be a surprise, so I came in with one of her existing rings to make sure I bought the right size. When I proposed, her ring was, shall we say a bit too snug, and I couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t until one of your Jewellers explained to me that many women’s hands can be different sizes that I realised I had bought in a ring she wears on her right hand. Thankfully she loves the design and it now fits her comfortably. I decided to propose again though, because I’m just a big romantic at heart!”

Our next customer’s story is a really inspirational one.

Candy told us:

“My Engagement & Wedding rings have become so tight over the years, I’ve just got used to wearing them like that and stopped attempting to take them off. I’ve put on weight over the years, but recently decided that I really wanted to get down to my ideal weight with a sensible eating plan. My husband has bet me that I can’t lose the weight, but I’m determined to show him I can. So after finally managing to slip my rings off, I’m going to wear my eternity ring instead, and will only come back to get them resized when I’ve lost the weight. That’s a really big incentive to lose the weight and prove my husband wrong!”

With our Ring Resizing Service we can quickly and easily make your rings bigger or smaller, and we can re-size most types of rings. Such as, platinum, yellow gold and white gold Engagement and Wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, dress rings and eternity rings.

Our customer often come to us because other Jewellers have told them that their ring cannot be resized. We don't like to give up on jewellery, so we've developed a unique way of fitting a bar inside the ring so that it still fits comfortably on your finger. We even have a repair service for rings with diamond set shoulders. You can read our testimonial from a very happy customer.

We'd love to see you wearing your rings again, so contact us, or call into our showroom in Leeds city centre at1 Lands Lane.

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