Ms C Baldock, Leeds

“ We recently bought a beautiful Victorian antique diamond engagement ring from an online store but it needed to be drastically resized (reducing by 6 ring sizes). 

We were told the ring would have to go to an antique specialist in Birmingham but as I live in Leeds this wasn’t convenient or practical.  I tried two other jewellery stores in Leeds city centre, the first jewellers were reluctant to re-size the ring saying that it couldn’t be done without ruining the integrity of the diamond’s setting and recommended I go to the specialist in Birmingham.  The second store said it would need to be sent away to their goldsmith but that I would be looking at extensive work, in that the shank would need entirely replacing and this would probably take considerable time and money to be done.


As the first two stores had very different solutions, I tried Ace Jewellery for a third opinion and they immediately made me feel they knew what they were talking about and that my ring was in very safe professional hands.  Not only did the ring not have to be sent anywhere but it certainly did not need costly nor extensive work in rebuilding!  In fact Ace Jewellery resized my ring perfectly in just 1 day for a fraction of the cost I was expecting to have to pay.  I’m glad I didn’t listen to the other “salesmen” and I have now found a jeweller I can trust! “

Thanks again, I’m thrilled I get to pick it up on Valentines day!

February 2012