Jewellery Remodelling - 3-stone Gold Ring

Old and unwanted jewellery is transformed into a contemporary gold ring.

Remodelled Gold Jewellery hand-made by Ace Jewellery3-Stone Gold Ring - Before

Our customer bought in two unwanted diamond and yellow gold rings and a pendant. Our challenge was to create something completely different to anything she had seen before.

Because her diamonds were 3 different sizes, our talented Jewellery Designers suggested she make a feature of that. So instead of the usual 3-stone ring setting, they suggested a setting that graduated in size across the ring. 



3-Stone Ring - AfterRemodelled Gold Jewellery hand-made by Ace Jewellery

As you can see, her finished ring is a major departure from the original pieces she started with. She is now the proud wearer of a custom designed piece of jewellery that is in a class by itself.

If this case study has given you some creative inspiration, contact us here or call into our showroom on Lands Lane, Leeds and let us help you re-model your old jewellery.