How to wear your jewellery with style – part II

Tips on maintaining your personal style with jewellery.

Let’s face it girls; we’ve all done it at some point; standing staring at your wardrobe looking at hundreds of pieces of clothing and feeling as if you have nothing to wear!

We often lose our excitement over our wardrobes after a time, especially if you can’t afford to splash out on a whole new one. So what to do if you can’t afford to replace you entire wardrobe? 

Adding jewellery to your outfits is a great financially savvy way to revive existing outfits instead of buying new ones. 

In part I of our blog we looked at how you can make a great style statement by cleverly wearing your necklaces and earrings. Wearing jewellery can also be fun and have meaning too though. Jewellery’s very often symbolic and deeply personal, and so it allows us to express our personalities and show our passions. In part two of our blog we’re looking at how, with a little imagination, your rings, bracelets and brooches can bring your outfits to life. 

Rings are a great way to revisit history

You don't have to have a major rock on your finger to indulge in an eye-catching ring. Two types of the trendiest ring styles that always command attention are vintage and cocktail rings.Liven up your accessries with stunning pices from Ace Jewellery

Famed for their large gemstone, metal design or an abstract shape, cocktail rings are very dramatic and eye-catching. This makes them the perfect accessory to glam up an outfit and get you noticed.

The right ring can also work as a conversation piece, often inciting comments such as “OMG, where did you get that fabulous ring?!” Worn on their own, they also create instant interest and glamour.

Or, for some of that old-Hollywood style glamour, they look fantastic worn over black leather or velvet gloves. Using rings this way allows you to make a big fashion statement every time you talk with your hands.


Stunning Sapphire & cz statement ring from Ace Jewellery


Vintage rings will always be great conversation starters, as there’s usually a story behind them, whether they’ve been handed down through your family, or you picked them up in a vintage shop. Finding an equally show-stopping vintage dress doesn't have to be daunting either. Look for simple styles. Black is always a good choice.

Or, if you enjoy making bold statements, try colour. A beautiful dress in the same shade of your cocktail ring would also be beautiful. For a real diva look, try a faux fur wrap, beautiful shoes and your look is simple, glamorous and elegant.

Think Mad Men style or classic Audrey Hepburn!


Accentuate Your Arms

Bracelets can be exotic, simple, or just exciting. They're all about adding extra oomph. Whether you choose to stack them, rock a wide cuff, or go for a classic diamonds, they give your style personality. Gold bangles also look great on a pair of black leather gloves!

Wide cuffs make an impression. So use them to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit, such as a plain t-shirt or jumper. Wide cuffs also easily slide over a long-sleeved knit. It’s a chic way to wear them.

Brooches: Old-Fashioned elegance with a contemporary twist

You may think brooches are an outdated, fuddy-duddy take on jewellery, but a glamorous pin can enrich and enliven your look. If your hair is thick enough you should be able to pin it in just like a hair clip, or have you thought about using one to pin your hair into a bun?

Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman often wear jewellery in creative ways. In this picture she wore a black and white brooch between the back straps of her gown. Spark any ideas?Visit Ace Jewellery for great stylish jewellery

You can also try pinning them on your accessories like blazers or hats, for a distinctive feminine flair.

Put them on in unusual places. A brooch doesn't have to be stuck on your lapel! Brooches pinned along the side of the waist have been a popular trend lately. You can also try using one to fasten your scarf, or as a closure for your cardigan.


Visit Ace Jewellery for great stylish jewellery


Another great look is to wear a brooch is in the centre of your strapless gown, adding subdued sparkle (and accentuating your cleavage).

We hope these blogs have given you some inspiration on the many ways you can lift your look and really get the most out of wearing your jewellery.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your jewellery. Because with a little experimentation, wearing it can be a fun and stylish experience!

If you love experimenting with your jewellery why not drop us a comment and share your style secrets with us and our readers. Or, you can contact us here.

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Hi Ace, love part II of your blog also; it's given me some great ideas!

Hi Pamela, really pleased you came back to read part two, and glad that we gave you some inspiration. Enjoy wearing your jewellery!

Jewellery is ornament that not only make person to look stunning but also makes him look completely unique, different and noticeable.

Hi Jewellers In Dublin,

Thanks for commenting and we totally agree! Many of our customers like to leave wearing their new jewellery, and it's amazing how it transforms their look from when they first entered the showroom.

With some customers, even their personality changes, with them looking much more confident!