Jewellery Remodelling - Remodelled Gold, Diamond & Zircon Ring

See how this treasured family heirloom was given a new lease of life.

Diamond & Zircon loose stones re-modelled by Ace Jewellery

Gold, Diamond & Zircon loose stones - Before

This ring had belonged to our customer's mother and had been in the family for years. Her daughter had recently announced her engagement, and the ring would now become her engagement ring.

However, the ring shank and setting were now so worn that they were no longer befitting of the gems.

As the gems were 14 stunning round diamonds and one very lively oval Zircon, they decided to replace the ring shank and setting and keep the gems.  


Ace Jewellery supply new Gold Ring Settings

New 18 carat gold ring shank and setting

One of our jewellery designers removed the gems from the old shank and setting, and agreed a price with the customer for scrapping them. 

We then replaced them with one of our lovely new 18 carat gold shank and setting, which were as close to the original design as possible. 




 Gold Diamond & Zircon Ring re-modelled by Ace Jewellery


Gold Diamond & Zircon Ring - After

The diamonds and zircon were re-set in the new shank and setting, and as you can see, the ring is now a sparkling compliment to their new lives together.




You can use the ideas behind this, or our other re-modelling case studies as a starting point for your own bespoke piece. Contact us or call into our showroom at 1 Lands Lane, Leeds to discuss your plans with one of our Jewellery Designers.