Experience the timeless glamour of old-cut Diamonds in this contemporary pendant necklace!

One of the key features of the old cut Diamond is the ‘inner fire’ they hold! At the heart of this pendant lies a captivating old cut Diamond, expertly faceted to really show off a mesmerizing display of fire and brilliance. This 0.30ct stone boasts a unique charm and character that modern cuts simply cannot replicate.

It is securely grain-set in a platinum box setting, giving it a seamless and secure hold. This intricate setting technique, which involves carefully pushing metal grains around the diamond, not only enhances the stone’s brilliance but also adds a uniquely stylish touch.

Suspended from a delicate 9ct Yellow Gold chain, this pendant necklace exudes a warmth and richness that perfectly compliments the cool beauty of the platinum setting. The contrast between the two precious metals creates a striking statement!

Total carat weight: 0.30ct

Gemstones: Old cut Diamonds: 0.30ct

Colour: H

Clarity: SI2

Style: Grain set in a square Platinum box setting

Metal: 9ct Yellow Gold & Platinum

Weight: 2.2g

Chain length: 18″

Condition: Excellent

All carat weights are approximate.