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Strange and funny things happen in the retail jewellery world; and no, we're not talking about the staff!


Now that festive holidays are over and Valentines Day is on it's way, it's a popular time for engagement proposals. That got the staff talking about their engagement stories, and we thought we'd share this one with you.

Just a few days ago a couple came into the store looking for an engagement ring. Now, the woman had a set idea of exactly what she wanted. So, I now rapidly enter my master jeweller 'mind game' mode to explore her idea with a few paper sketches. This resulted in me having to show her why her idea wouldn't work, as a wedding ring would have looked wrong against it. I then go on to show her an example of what would work.

Imagine my surprise when out of the blue she pipes up "you know he hasn't even asked me to marry him yet!"

What's your engagement story? We'd love to hear about it, so share YOUR engagement story with us, by commenting below, emailing us at info@acejewelleryonline, or why not like us on facebook and tell us about it there.

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Engagements rings are really a sign of love and affection among the two lovers or couple. I am also going to get married in few days and am very possessive about my relationship and hope in future this engagement ring will bind me and my fiancee with its love and affection.

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