New Year, New You, New Jewellery!

Give your old or broken jewellery a new start!


The new year is traditionally a good time to make a fresh start, whether that’s with getting fit, finding a new job or something else involving change. So why not use the New Year as a time to give your jewellery a fresh start!


At this time of year we often experience a surge in customers bringing in their jewellery for polishing, cleaning and repairing.

Giving some TLC to your jewellery can make that piece you haven’t worn for a while wearable again and looking like new, so we thought we’d share our top tips on how this can benefit you too. 

Necklaces or pendants

From our years of experience, we know that many of our customers stop wearing their necklaces or pendants because they have such annoyingly small clasps, and this is so easy to fix.

There are so many different sizes of clasps, so it’s very easy to replace a very small or fiddly one with one that you can easily operate.

Incorrect lengths can also be an issue; too long and they risk getting caught in things, too short and they risk leaving marks. Again, adding or removing links usually involves a simple adjustment.

That’s two simple and inexpensive alterations that will give you much more wear and enjoyment out of your necklaces and pendants!



Quick and inexpensive bracelet adjustments from Ace JewelleryLet’s face it; most of us at one time have had a bracelet catch from hell! You know that frustrating feeling when you’re rushing to go out for the night and you can’t for the life of you fasten your bracelet with your one irritated hand!

We won’t even mention the drama when you’ve just had your nails done! We found this amusing commentary on the subject by Prince Philip particularly amusing!


Again, finding a clasp that you can operate easily and comfortably, particularly with one hand, can quickly bring your bracelets out of retirement.

Other issues such as your bracelet being too long or short, or having missing links, can also just involve a few adjustments in the workshop. Read more about our jewellery repair service.



Princess cut Diamond Rings from the range at Ace JewelleryRings can suffer from a whole host of issues that stop you wearing them. Most commonly this will be because they’ve lost their shine or have scratches. We often see this with engagement and wedding rings because you wear them constantly.

Another issue is ill-fitting rings due to weight loss or weight gain. Read about our ring re-sizing service.

Again, a quick and inexpensive fix is to have your white gold rings polished and re-rhodium plated, and your yellow gold cleaned and polished.

A professional deep polish will not only polish out scratches, it will also bring out a much better shine in your jewellery, giving it a brand new look again.

We often find that customers let the claws on their rings wear, to the point that they become loose, thereby running the risk of losing a stone. You can prevent this by having your claws checked regularly, and re-clawed when necessary. Read our case study about this

In fact, customers often comment that after having their ring re-clawed, the stones actually look bigger. 



Remember that special message you wanted to read on your jewellery for a lifetime? Do you now have to squint to read it? Did you know that you can have your jewellery re-polished, and then re-engraved to bring back the sharp details of your special message?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that sentimental feeling about your jewellery again!

So with this quick look at the benefits of giving your jewellery a makeover, we hope we’ve made you eager to look into things further, or at least got you excited about wearing your sentimental jewellery again!

We always love to hear from you, so contact us for any help, advise or questions you have. Or take a break from reading and view our short video about how we can help you get the most out of your jewellery.


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I really enjoyed reading your blog! You really captured it perfectly about struggling with fiddly catches, it happens just like that regularly for me. You've made me remember that I do have some old jewellery lying around that I haven't worn in a while. So it's a good reminder to get on with getting it repaired. Thank you Ace.

Hi Debbie

Thank you for lovely comment, and we're so glad we could help! Ace

Nice article....thank you

Thank you for commenting Jewellery quarter Birmingham!

It always seems mad to me that people do not understand the value of keeping their jewellery in top condition. Thank you for sharing this article on just that. Knowing what damage is done over a year to your bracelets rings, etc, is great and therefore makes new year an excellent time for a spruce up!

Hi Molly

Thank you for taking the time to comment. We agree with you about people often not looking after their jewellery as well as they could. Over the years we've seen the cost of jewellery fall, and I guess if things don't cost as much, people don't look after them as much, knowing that it's cheap to replace. Having said that, we still take great pleasure in restoring worn out looking jewellery to it's former glittering glory.


Great read, always enjoy your blog articles.

Hi Goldcraft Jewellery, thanks very much, and glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Ace