Mary, West Yorks

Big and beautiful! That’s what I was promised and it certainly is.....

Recently, I was left a little money after my mum died and I decided to buy a ring in memory of her.

My daughter who lives and works in Leeds suggested we visit Ace Jewellery as she knew they made their own pieces and have a small showroom. After we’d climbed the stairs we had a look around I was interested in a couple of items. Laura spotted the ‘big one, it was an enormous 4 carat solitaire, brilliant cut diamond ring. We couldn’t resist trying it on and it looked amazing with my diamond wedding ring but unfortunately, it was way beyond my modest budget. However, never daunted, I told my husband about the ring and he went away to think about it. He had promised me a big diamond one day and that was 17 years ago! We went to see the ring together and even he was impressed – it sparkled and dazzled and it really did look fantastic.

One of the owners, Edward was helpful without the usual sales patter and he offered us a discount, which helped to seal the deal. These are hard times but luckily we also had some jewellery that we sold to offset the price and with a bit of juggling we managed to buy the ring.

The service from Edward and his staff was excellent, helpful and thoughtful, like talking to friends. They offered to reset the ring in a different mount but personally I thought it was perfect as it was. They were friendly, gave us advice and options, without pressure. They adjusted the size there and then so that I could have it the same day, without having to come back a week later. I was also given a valuation so that I could insure it immediately. I was so giddy and excited, it felt like being engaged again all those years ago and I still can’t resist showing it off!

I would definitely recommend a trip up those stairs as there as many interesting pieces of jewellery and you never know there might be another ‘big and beautiful’ waiting for someone. My husband is so relieved that he has kept his promise, that I’m happy and he can now save up for a new car.....

June 2012