Kathy Wilson, Leeds


We bought my 18CT white gold engagement ring from what I thought was a reputable high street jewellers but when it came to buying my wedding ring, I was annoyed to find it was going to be difficult to be able to wear both rings together and the jewellers that sold me the ring hadn't warned me about it.

I shopped around and getting a wedding ring I wanted was evidently problematic and expensive. I called in at Ace Jewellers, and they came up with a solution to my problem that was well within my budget and gave me the simple wedding ring I wanted. In with the price they resized my engagement ring, rhodium plated it (something else the original seller had not told me I would need to do annually) and made sure both rings fitted together beautifully. My Fiancé also got his wedding ring from Ace. They text us when our order was ready as promised and all in all we came away feeling we had got our wedding rings from a reliable , trustworthy and friendly jewellers. But on top of this the prices are great in comparison to the other jewellers we tried. THANK YOU!

June 2016