How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring for Her Finger

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You won't get this most crucial of jobs wrong with our expert tips!

Whether you’re preparing to propose to "the one", or newly engaged and looking for the perfect piece to seal your commitment, choosing the right engagement ring can be a time consuming, nerve-wracking and expensive decision.

So we want to share the benefits of our years of expertise with you to hopefully make that decision so much easier.

First things first; we always advise couples to do a little research beforehand, just so that you’re familiar with the general terms used by Jewellers. Terms like colour, clarity, carat and cut, and what they mean in terms of the rings you're considering. 

There's also the different styles of rings available to consider, and any new and emerging trends to look out for. You can read all about these and other terms in our handy guide; Tips for Choosing Your Perfect RingYou can also check out Instagram and our Instagram feed for inspiration.

The most popular type of engagement ring style is still the solitaire with a round brilliant cut diamond, but what if that style and design of ring doesn't work for your fiancée's hand or fingers? Well, the good news is that trends for more unusual fancy cut diamonds and designs are making a comeback.


How to Choose An Engagement Ring for Wide Fingers

Wider fingers and larger hands are best complemented by larger stones and thicker bands. This is a great opportunity to go bold with a design, such as this unusually beautiful trilogy ring. It has a round brilliant cut diamond at its centre, with two pear shaped side diamonds, finished and set in an elegant metal type of your choice.

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring for Petite Hands

Slender fingers are usually better suited to smaller or single stones with a slightly slimmer band. This elegant diamond solitaire engagement ring set has a slightly slimmer band, and is set with a round brillant cut diamond in a crossover style. The simple design of this ring would make a really elegant statement without overpowering a delicate hand.

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How to Choose an engagement Ring for Shorter or Slender fingers

Emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with cropped corners, and a broad, flat plane that resembles stair steps when viewed from above. Long, narrow emerald cuts can flatter short fingers, whilst a squarer outline will suit long, slender fingers.

Emerald cuts are particularly well complimented by a platinum ring mount, and because of its shape, tends to only need a simple setting. The long straight lines of this stunning diamond trilogy ring, and a near-rectangular shape of the diamonds are a real stand-out feature! 

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Who can I talk to if I get completely stuck?

Whether you’re buying a ring together as a couple or making the decision alone, sometimes a little help from a jewellery expert can help you. Or maybe you're struggling to find the time to shop for your perfect ring?

Then your own personal one-to-one ring consultation is just what you need! We will arrange a time at your convenience where one of the owners will devote their time exclusively to you and your search for the perfect ring. No waiting or queuing!

To set up a your one-to-one ring consultation, please contact us, and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Or call into our showroom in Leeds city centre, at 1 Lands Lane.

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Hi Ace

Thanks for sharing your expert advise, I found it really useful when deciding on my partner's ring, as she has tiny fingers. Her ring looks well proportioned on her habd, which is what she was concerned about!

Hi Ace

Thanks for the great advise, I've always found your staff knowledgeable whenever I've been to your shop. I will be showing this blog to my partner, so I hope it helps her make up her mind soon! :)

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Thanks for leaving a comment, and we're glad we could be of help!

Ace :)

Hi Dale

Thanks for leaving a comment, and we're so glad you found our blog useful. Thank you too for your feedback on your shopping experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon, Ace :)