Jewellery Repairs - Ring Re-tipping

Repair your worn ring claws before you lose your precious stones.

Why risk losing your precious stones by having worn out or damaged claws!

Have your ring regularly checked so you can find out early before you lose a stone. We can replace those too, but wouldn’t you rather not lose them in the first place!

As part of our ring re-tipping service, we can check your ring claws for wear and tear, as well as strengthen or replace them so that they hold your gemstones more securely.

Ring Before - Worn Claws

Ring re-tipping from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Ring After - Retipped Claws

Ring re-tipping from Ace Jewellery, Leeds

Our customers ring now looks as shiny and new as the day she first wore it! If your rings could do with some tlc and a new lease of life, call in to our jewellery showroom at 1 Lands Lane, Leeds.

Or you can contact us for any help you need with your jewellery here.