Jewellery Remodelling - Two Rings into One

Two old rings, a little creativity and one lovely new ring!


Our customer called into our showroom with two rings for a suggestion as to how to make them into one.


Visit Ace Jewellery, Leeds and transform your Jewellery


Two rings before

One of our Jewellers suggested adding a square Princess Cut Diamond that matched the one in her single stone ring to make a completely new ring.

Visit Ace Jewellery, Leeds and transform your Jewellery

One new ring after

This is the result! We supplied a brand new ring mount to create a lovely new five stone ring, using the customer's original three round diamonds and her Princess Cut Diamond.


Now that you've seen what can be done with a little creativity, has it sparked your imagination? Your old jewellery doesn't need to be left lying around unworn anymore.

Bring it in to our on-site workshop at 1 Lands Lane, Leeds, and let's see if we can have you wearing a lovely new piece of jewellery! Or contact us for more inspiration or advise.