Jewellery Remodelling - A treasured Heirloom into Contemporary Jewellery

Remodelling a classic ring into a contemporary one.

Our customer had a standard multi-stone ring that had been left to her by her Mother.

Remodelled Ring

We first sourced three gold bands, two in rose gold and one in white. 

Remodelled Ring

We then soldered her three diamonds and their settings together to make her a new unique, contemporary ring.

Remodelled Contemporary Ring

One of the things that pleased her most is that she now has a new ring she loves wearing that will always bring memories of her Mum! 

To see how we could re-model your jewellery into something totally unique to you, Contact us and we are happy to discuss what possibilities there are. Or bring your jewellery into our showroom in Leeds city centre at 1 Lands Lane.