Daiana, Leeds

Dear Edward
I am writing to say a massive thank you for helping me remove the ring I managed to get stuck on my right hand yesterday!!!
My husband bought me a beautiful eternity ring for our 13th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday 26th June, it was a romantic afternoon spent in the Caprice in London. I was presented with my gift after lunch. It was the perfect size for my left hand wedding finger which I put on straight away.  The band was thicker than my wedding ring and engagement ring but fit snuggley in place.   On the Friday evening I decided I wanted to wear all my Jewels and foolishly put the eternity ring on my right hand, I think I had to push it hard over the knuckle to get it on!!!!
On the Monday after a lovely week in London I started to realise that there was No Chance the wonderful sparkly new Eternity ring was coming off!!  Infact having tried with Olive Oil, Baby Oil, Lurpack butter and soaking it in cold water my left hand forefinger was swollen and red.  On Tuesday morning I went to Leeds to my faithful Ace Jewellers whom we bought our original Wedding Bands from all those years ago.
Fortunately a very determined Edward and his daughter were only too happy to help.  They cranked up the air conditioning, sat me down and lathered my finger in handcream, it took around twenty minutes of twisting, tugging and gentle persuasion for me to remain calm and keep my whole arm relaxed and they finally managed to get it off.  What a relief the only other alternative would have been to cut the thick band of the ring which would cause the diamonds to move and come apart, ruining the whole ring which would have been devastating.
Thank you once again you really prevented me having an unfortunate 13th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

July 2012