5 Ways With Broken Jewellery That Don't Cost The Earth

Bejewelled Bouquets from Silk Floral Art

Before you throw away your old jewellery ~ stop!

Do you have some broken jewellery lying around in your jewellery box or the back of a draw? Not sure what to do with it?

We think that's a real shame, so in this blog post we're going to share with you five ideas for how your broken jewellery can be of value to you again:

Re-model it

Diamond ring re-modelled into a stunning eternity ring by Ace JewelleryRemodelling your jewellery into a different style really allows you to recapture that sentimental value of a piece of jewellery that was once your favourite.

Our creative Jewellery Designers will work with you to explore any ideas that you have for re--modelling it into a completely new piece. We can use your old gemstones and fittings, or add new ones where necessary.

"Upcycling" as it's sometimes called is a great way to get a contemporary piece of jewellery for a fraction of the cost of new.

Part-Exchange it

If re-modelling doesn't appeal to you, then we can also give you a market price for your old jewellery. You can then have the value of your old piece deducted from the price of a new piece in our showroom.

Melt it down

With certain types of jewellery we can actually remove any gemstones you have and melt it down. 

In this example, we melted a customer's old chains into a flat piece of gold sheet.

Visit Ace Jewellery to transform your old unwanted jewellery Visit Ace Jewellery to transform your old unwanted jewellery

We then traced the outline of a name, to make it into a really personalised necklace.

Something borrowed

Bejewelled Bouquets from Silk Floral Art


Another option you have is to use broken jewellery as part of your wedding.

For example, this bride would have loved for her late aunt to be part of her big day, so she had some of her old brooches incorporated into her bouquet. This was made easier because her bouquet was made from silk flowers.


Sell it

Sell your unwanted gold to Ace Jewellery - top prices paid

If none of the above ideas appeal to you, you can always sell your broken jewellery to us. 

Our Valuers will work out the value of your gold in-house and pay you cash on the spot, taking away the risks of sending it in the post. We then pass that on to bullion dealers who melt it down.

Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without harming the quality, they are the ultimate naturally renewable resource!


So there you have it, 5 ways you can benefit from your broken jewellery. Could you be sat on an old gold mine? For more inspirational ideas about how you can use your broken jewellery, read through some of our case studies. Or find out more about our Design & Re-model service. If you want to sell your broken jewellery to us, read how to do that here. Or call into our showroom at 1 Lands Lane, Leeds, and let's see how we can help you!

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